Welcome TO Koppieteefontein - Our lounge, is your lounge

“We don’t dilly dally. We share things heart-to-heart …”


Here in our virtual town of the year, Koppieteefontein, everything starts with a cup of tea.

It is time to hit the pause button, time to share, listen, laugh and time to think about the world we live and also shop in, that’s fun, isn’t it? Everything in lekker Afrikaans!

Here everyone is welcome. You don’t even have to drive anywhere, just press a button, no matter whether you are in Australia or Pretoria, Pofadder or Somerset West, you are part of our virtual town of art and culture, and all things pretty and colourful.

You are welcome in Koppieteefontein where there are no rates or taxes, instead here you can expect tons of stories and videos, advice and recipes, interviews with celebrities and an online shop filled to the brim.

Afrikaans, Afrikaans, my mother tongue, Koppieteefontein, where everyone and their mother is welcome, no matter where you are, the door is always open!

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“My life and the world we live in, is what inspires me …”